5 Easy Ways To Build Superhuman Self-Discipline

It’s easy to believe that we have to brute force self-discipline. That our willpower has to be like a block of iron that we hammer our desires into shape with.

But it turns out there’s an easier way; control your environment. It’s the same logic that says don’t keep alcohol in your house if you’re trying to cut down on the booze or don’t keep cigarettes in your car or your desk at work if you’re trying to quit smoking. It’s not just common sense, this is clinically proven to work:

There’s a study that I mentioned in the book, from Massachusetts General Hospital. They went into the cafeteria at the hospital and they added water to all of the fridges and they also added some of those little rolling carts that have water in them by the food stations in the cafeteria. And that was all they did. They didn’t talk to anybody. They didn’t motivate anybody. And then six months later, water sales are up by 25%, soda sales are down 11%.

And I always think that’s interesting, because if you were to go up to nay person in that room and be like, “Why are you drinking a Coke?” they’d be like, “I wanted a Coke!” “Why do you have water?” “This is what I felt like having!” But the truth is some percentage of them chose it just cause it was obvious, just because of what ne environment nudged them toward.

We’re more sensitive to ur environment than we might think. SO if you’re trying to maintain a new habit, think about the things in your environment that you could change to make things easier for yourself.