8 ways to enter the present moment.

Einzelgänger with 8 simple ways to integrate mindfulness practice into your daily life. Mindfulness needn’t (and shouldn’t) be something which we consider separate to our ordinary life. The aim is to find ways to integrate mindful moments into our typical day-to-day. I particularly liked this part about listening:

By listening closely to what people have to say, you basically shift your attention from your thoughts to to the person speaking. Havingdealt with social anxiety myself, I can say the following; when I’m socially anxious or shy, I’m entailed in thoughts like “What do I have to say now?” “What can I say to impress this person?” Or “why the hell did. I have to say this?”

The nature of these questions is the they relate to the past and the future. Thus when someone is speaking to me, I rather focus on what I said earlier or what I’m going to say, instead of truly listening.The secret is, when I fully focus on what the person is saying, my own words often come naturally and without hesitation.