A new normal

Meditative practices are entirely focused on the present moment. “The now”. But this seems a little esoteric when we’re just trying to live our lives. Especially in these uncertain times where we’re all just waiting for things to go back to the way they used to be.

But as Seth Godin points out here, the way things used to be is always changing. Normality isn’t a particular point in time. It’s just the point in time we’re used to:

We’ve got a deep-seated desire for things to go back to normal, the way we were used to.

But this, this moment of ours is now normal.

For now.

And then, there will be another normal.

When we were kids, things were a certain way. Not just the way the world was, the way we were. Now they’re different. In twenty years’ time, they’ll be different again. Which of them is normal? The only answer is now.