Can You Really Trust Your Instincts?

How trustworthy is your intuition? That’s the question behind this series from Business Insider entitled “Why Are We All So Stupid?” In this episode they talk about availability bias; the tendency to assign a higher likelihood or truth value to things that we can remember more easily.

This isn’t just an innocent intellectual curiosity though. it has real implications for the way we see the world, and the way we act within it. Whether that be how we vote, how we treat certain groups, or how we perceive danger:

When we look at what’s highlighted on the news’s usually extreme events. And so often people think that the world is getting worse in all sorts of ways. That there’s more crime, because they see these horrible stories covered. That terrorism is getting worse because that’s very prominent.

And yet if you look at the data, oftentimes the very things that are covered the most are happening less. And so then we end up misperceiving the world.

The video features a number of multiple choice questions which you ca try for yourself to see how reliable your instincts are. Go ahead, why not see how accurately you see the world?