Clear Things Out

Most of us have been spending a little more time at home lately. And living, working and socialising in the same space is bound to lead to some clutter, as well as some frayed nerves.

It’s not just our physical environment either. Email, social media, our never-ending to do lists, all of them pile up so quickly that were under constant threat of being overwhelmed by them.

But while it’s natural to feel like the only way to stay afloat is to keep moving forward, swimming against the tide as it rises ever higher, it’s worth remembering that we can also stop, pick up a metaphorical bucket, and start bailing.

Today, Leo Babauta reminds us of the importance of clearing things out. Tidying away the old to make room for the new—not to mention to give ourselves room to breathe.

It’s a simple truth that wherever things can accumulate, they will. Emails pile up, clutter piles up, read later list piles up, small admin tasks build up like cruft.

This is the nature of things: they accumulate if we don’t tend to them.

And so, we must tend to them.