Holy Land restaurant CEO evicted for 8 year old racist tweets by teenage daughter.

Let me just paint a little picture here:

In 2012, a 15 year old Lianne Wadi posted several racist tweets. Tweets which resurfaced last week; over eight years later.

Lianne’s father, Majdi Wadi, who is the CEO of a Mediterranean restaurant and grocery store called Holy Land, immediately fired his daughter, now 23, once the company began to receive public backlash.

Despite this, Midtown Global Market, a local hub for many minority-owned businesses, confirmed in a statement the same day that they were terminating Holy Land’s lease.

At least two other companies have announced that they will no longer stock any of Holy Land’s products and will sever their relationship. One going as far as to give away all of their remaining still rather than see it.

All of this happened within the space of a few days because a 15 year old posted racist tweets eight years ago.

To be clear, the tweets themselves were deeply offensive, and were even followed up in 2016 by a racist histogram caption. I’m in no way condoning her actions. I’m asking whether the actions of a teenager should carry repercussions for her entire family of this magnitude.

I’m asking whether we’re okay with a society where we expect a father to fire his daughter for a mistake she made eight years ago and for even that to be insufficient to save the family business from the repercussions of her actions.

It’s good that we’re taking racism seriously. It’s important that people are held accountable for their actions. But redemption has to be part of the story here too, doesn’t it?