How does your mind work?

Our minds are responsible for everything. Our sense of identity, our perception of the world, our likes and dislikes, there’s simply no way to overstate their importance.

Yet most of us understand very little about how they work. I don’t just mean in a technical neuro-biological sense, or even a generalised, psychoanalytical sense. Most of us simply don’t don’t know very much about how our own, personal minds work.

This article by FitMind is a nice primer on the layers that make up our thinking, behavioural and learning processes. It breaks the mind into three parts; the evolved mind, the part of our mind that is instinctively afraid of snakes and the dark. The conditioned mind, which learns to make connections between things in your environment and the dangers or rewards they represent. And the self-directed mind, which we mould through effort and practice.

It’s a really interesting read, especially the exploration of how the three layers interact with each other to produce our personalities. Check it out!