How Logical Are You?

In a sense, you have two brains. There’s the brain that handles intuitive tasks. It reads facial expressions and tone of voice. It processes information very quickly but as a result, sometimes does so imperfectly. This makes it useful in situations which require immediate action and improvisation.

Your other brain handles more complex situations. It does long division, and figures out how to solve unfamiliar problems. It works much more slowly, but is much more precise. It handles problems that require consideration and effortful thought.

Your brains make an excellent team, but the problem is that they don’t always stay in their lanes. Your intuitive brain tries to handle tasks that require time and deliberation, and your reasoning brain tries to interfere in tasks that should be handled intuitively and instinctively.

It’s fair to say that the healthier the balance between the two aspects of your brain, the more reasonable and logical a person you’re likely to be, which is why the video above is so interesting. It tests your ability to use your reasoning brain in a situation where your intuitive brain is tempted to take over. Give it a go and see how logical you are..