How To Get Your Brain To Focus.

Chris Bailey on the subtle difference between a mind that is distracted and one that is actively seeking out distractions:

We think the problem is that our brains are distracted. But after looking at the research, this is what I’ve come to know as a symptom for the deeper problem. It’s not that we’re distracted, it’s that our brains are over stimulated. It’s that we crave distraction in the first place.

Distraction isn’t an inherent property of our minds, it’s something we’re doing, albeit subtly, because we’re compelled to. This means that by mastering this craving, the extent to which we’re distracted during our daily lives is something we can learn to bring under our control.

The video is 16 minutes long. Try keeping a tally of hw many times you have the urge to seek distraction during that time.