How to Manage Your Attention.

It’s tempting to think of attention as the ability to place your focus in one place. And while this isn’t wrong, it’s often overlooked that the main task of attention is keeping your focus away from all the things that might act as distractions. It’s like trying to follow a single conversation in a noisy room; you can try to focus on the conversation, but you can also move to a quieter room. Here’s Art Of Manliness on the subject:

Attention is more than just focusing on completing a task. We use our attention to shape and frame life’s big picture as well. You can tell what a man truly values by observing what he pays attention to the most. And as countless spiritual teachers have warned, what a man pays attention to ends up molding his soul and character.

Your focus truly is your reality. For that reason, attention mastery must begin at the most macro level, with directing your attention away from that which distracts from your life’s purpose and towards what’s really important.