How To Win Without Trying

A wise…man, once said: “Do or do not, there is no try”, and when you think about it, He’s right. Doing refers to what is happening right now, which is the only thing we can influence. Trying refers to what we want to happen, and we have no control over that whatsoever.

Trying shifts our focus from what we’re doing now to what we’re hoping will happen in the future, and by doing so, we make ourselves less effective..

This is the reason we perform better when we aren’t being watched or speak more confidently when there’s no audience or sing better when we’re not being recorded. The thought of future judgement, the embarrassment that we’re trying to avoid, acts as nothing more than a distraction.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The present is the only place where we have any power. The less we’re distracted from it, the better we perform, the less we’re affected by fear or nerves, and, ironically, the more likely we are to get the thing we’re trying for.

When it’s necessary to act, there is no try. Or at least there shouldn’t be. we should make no room for anything but doing.