Is Your To Do List Driving You Crazy? Start A To-Don’t List Instead.

Imagine a list that there was zero pressure to tick items off of. In fact, the more items you added to it and didn’t do, the better you’d feel! Welcome to the to-don’t list.

To-do lists are the human equivalent of a hamster wheel. While they drive productivity and keep us on track, they just never seem to stop. Even as we cross items off, our lists just keep repopulating with more to-dos.

Here’s an idea, little hamster: Take a moment to think of a few things you could cross off your list — forever. Shed the responsibilities, habits and hobbies that use up your time in ways you don’t love. Call it your “to-don’t” list.

I’ve personally found this to be a great way of discovering and eliminating things that take up my time without giving anything in return. Highly recommended.