Jenna Marbles quits YouTube after becoming the latest target of “cancel culture”.

Despite the fact that she has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, I’d never heard of Jenna Marbles before. But now that some videos she recorded have been deemed unacceptable by today’s standards, she’s leaving the platform.

One of the videos in question is of Jenna dressing up as Nick Minaj (as we know, impersonating someone who is of a different ethnicity to you is now inherently racist). Jenna removed the video shortly after publishing it 9 YEARS AGO (!!!), but that has made no difference to the backlash she’s received now.

All that matters is that people were offended, and it hurt them, and for that I am so, unbelievably sorry…this isn’t okay, and it [the video] hasn’t existed on the internet for a long time, because it’s not okay. 

Let me just say this: the standard for behaviour simply cannot be whether someone was offended by it. Can this really be all that matters? Part of life is being offended and having your feelings hurt, just as part of life is experiencing physical pain and unpleasant smells. If someone finds something offensive the appropriate response is not to wipe it from the face of the Earth.

Isn’t it better to explore why it was found offensive, see what lessons can be learned and to move forward? Are you really willing to accept a world where people can’t change and grow and make mistakes? Because if you are, I promise you this: however righteous you feel now, you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of the moral law sooner or later.