NYC Community Education Council meeting devolves into chaos amid accusations of racism.

There’s a lot of talk about teachable moments lately. But it’s not every day that you see one and a half teachable hours. Especially from a group of teachers.

The video above is of a NYC Community Education Council meeting which quickly devolves into a shouting match laced with accusations of racism, privilege and demands for apologies form making those accusations. Almost nothing that could actually benefit a school or improve a child’s education is discussed.

Which side of this debate you find yourself sympathising will inevitably be a reflection of your biases. None of us saw the moment they’re arguing about, so none of us can say who is in the right and how much so. 

What we can say though, without any shadow of a doubt, is that this isn’t the way to have these conversations. The video should start at around the 40:22 mark, where the fireworks start in earnest, but the whole thing is worth watching and thinking very seriously about.