Seattle business owner pressured into chopping off her dreadlocks after cries of ‘cultural appropriation’.

The owner of a drinks shop in Seattle has issued a public apology today after being accused of cultural appropriation because of her dreadlocks.

…I have come to understand – far too late – that my hairstyle is harmful. It is clear that I have been stubbornly resistant, and I apologise to those I hurt. I am deeply sorry for the pain I caused to members of the African-American community, who have been and still are discriminated against for having dreadlocks, and I’m so sorry that it took me this long to admit and address my mistake….

Serious question; is there anybody out there who can point to the African-Americans who were harmed by this woman wearing dreadlocks? Is there anybody who genuinely cared enough about another woman’s hairstyle to feel actual pain? Because if so, I would like to gently suggest that they seek psychological help immediately.

There are real race issues worth fighting for in the world right now, real examples of discrimination which cause real harm. Let me say this very plainly. If you are focused on nonsense like this, you are not interested in fighting racism.