Stop Procrastinating Today With Behavioral Science

Procrastination is the bane of most of our existences. It’s not just about putting of the book we’ve been meaning to write or letting dishes pile up in the sink.

Procrastination has material costs on our finances (I haven’t had time to set up that savings account), our health (I’ll go to the doctor about that Mike next week), and even our happiness (I’m waiting for the right moment to ask out the love of my life).

Art of Manliness brings us a deep dive on procrastination. How to combat it, what it costs is, and, of course, what makes it so tempting in the first place:

Why do we humans almost universally experience a mighty struggle with procrastination? It’s because we’re seemingly hardwired to favor short-term pleasure over short-term annoyance/effort, even if the latter leads to greater long-term gains. We like to do whatever feels good in the moment.

Well worth a read. Don’t delay!