Taoism: The Philosophy of Flow.

Much is made of the elusive nature of Taoism. I mean, just look at how Einzelgänger describes it in his own video on the subject.

So what is the Tao? That’s a question we can’t really answer, and it’s futile to try. Our understanding of the Tao only goes as far as the limitations of our perceptions. What the Tao really is, and what it looks, feels, smells or sounds like remains a mystery. Moreover, the Tao that we speak of, isn’t the real Tao, according to Lao Tzu. Hence the famous opening of the Tao Te Ching goes like this:

“The Tao that an be described is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be spoken is not the eternal name.”

This lack of precision is certainly not a failure on Einzelgänger’s part. Taoism just isn’t something which lends itself to definition. I see the difficulty in describing Taoism the same way I see the trouble in describing happiness, or love, or the colour green. There are many ways we can go about describing these things, but all of them fail short of the real thing.

But despite its ineffability, Taoism points towards a very simple idea; to accept life as it is. To live life without resisting its flow, and by doing so, to find peace in any situation. It’s something that we can all understand, even if we can’t quite put a method for doing it into words.