The Habit Scorecard

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about habits here, and for good reason. Habits are the single biggest influence on our health, wealth and happiness.

Yet most of us spend very little thinking about our habits beyond, possibly, the very worse ones. James Clear suggests that we take all them a little more seriously. The idea behind a habit scorecard is to take an inventory of all our habits. All of the things that we do so automatically we’re barely aware of them. That way, we have the opportunity to decide whether they’re worth sticking with.

One of our greatest challenges in changing habits is maintaining awareness of what we are actually doing. This helps explain why the consequences of bad habits can sneak up on us. We need a “point-and-call” system for our personal lives. That’s the origin of the Habits Scorecard, which is a simple exercise you can use to become more aware of your behavior.