The Top 5 Worst Productivity Ideas.

Th internet is filled with articles telling you what you need to do to be more productive. What you should read, what your morning routine should be, how to optimise your email triage system. But collecting these tips can be a productivity drain all of it’s own. The tips themselves become goals to pursue. All you need to do is perfect your productivity workflows and then you can get on with actually being productive.

This might explain why I so enjoyed this list of things to avoid if you want to be more productive. Sometimes focusing on what not-to do can be far more effective than a never-ending list of things you should be doing:

It doesn’t matter how efficient you are if you are doing the wrong things.  People get caught up in trying to be more efficient by writing down huge to-do lists of things that don’t really need to be done.  If you aren’t working on things that are important, it doesn’t really matter how quickly you can do it.  Make sure you are doing things that are important before you try to optimize your work.