What happens if you meditate for an hour every day for 30 days?

Back in 2019, Matt D’Avella decided to kickstart his lapsed meditation practice. He didn’t mess around either. He decided to meditate for an hour every day for thirty days.

So what happened? I won’t spoil the ending, but if you have a spare 15 minutes I highly recommend checking it out. It’s filled with useful tips and insights for those new to meditation, including this absolute gem from Dan Harris on what I think is the key benefit meditation brings to daily life:

You’re seeing how crazy you are, and that actually has a real value. The systematic collision with the asshole in your head has a real value.

Because when the asshole offers you up a shitty suggestion in the rest of your life, which is basically it’s job; like oh yeah, you should eat the 17th cookie, or say the things that’s gonna ruin the next 48 hours of your marriage, or whatever, you’re better able to resist it.

This is now my default response when somebody asks me why they should meditate.