What Is Mindfulness?

Here’s a great little video from Happily on the difference between noticing an emotion and being totally caught up by it.:

…You’re driving down the road, and somebody cuts you off in traffic. How do you normally react? I think most of us normally react by having a thought which is; “I’m pissed”.And then what happens next? You immediately, habitually, reflexively inhabit that though. You actually become pissed. There’s no buffer between the stimulus and your reaction

With just a little bit if mindfulness, in that same situation, you might notice; “my chest is buzzing, my ears are turning red, I’m having a starburst of self-righteous thoughts, I’m getting angry. But you don’t necessarily have to act on it, and chase that person down the road.

Mindfulness is this really subtle superpower that gives you control over something that most of us don’t realise can be controlled. That an emotion can be watched instead of embodied. But with time and practice, meditation can allow us to do exactly that. Its not as cool as super strength or teleportation, but it’s life-changing nonetheless.