Who Are You Really? The Puzzle Of Personality.

Brian Little (an introvert) gives an absolute fantastic (and hilarious) talk about the ways in which personality influences behaviour and communication:

So the person who seconded him asked Tom, and me, “What do you make of Michael?” Well, I’ll tell you what Tom said in a minute. He spoke in classic Extrovertese. And here is how extroverted ears heard what I said. Which is actually pretty accurate.

I said “Well, Michael does have a tendency at times, of behaving in a way that some of us might see as perhaps more assertive than is normally called for.”

Tom rolled his eyes and said “Brian! That’s what I said. He’s an asshole!”

Now as an introvert I might gently allude to certain assholic qualities in this man’s behaviour, but I’m not gonna lunge for the A-word!