Why the mind hates meditation.

It’s no exaggeration to say that meditation is the most valuable tool I know of. But it didn’t always feel that way. In fact, my meditation practice was spotty for years, simply because I got into a wrestling match with my mind every time I sat down, and thought that there was something wrong with that.

Of course, being put off meditation because your mind protests is like being put off exercise because your muscles do. That’s what’s supposed to happen, especially in the beginning.

Meditation doesn’t always feel wonderful. The more we make that clear, the less we risk discouraging newcomers, who were expecting a stream of endless bliss, instead of a mind that sometimes feels even more hyperactive than before. Understanding that meditation is a process gives them the best chance of discovering what it can bring to their lives.

The struggle is that the mind that knows that meditation is good for you, is the same mind that doesn’t want to stop thinking. This part of the mind doesn’t like meditation, in fact, it hates it, simply because meditation subdues its very purpose; thinking…