How to spend less time being angry.

Think about the last time you got mad at somebody. Recall what you said, and what they said, and what you should have said when they said that. Now try to remember what you were thinking. Not feeling. Thinking. I’m betting that it was more or less a blank. This isn’t a coincidence. The emotional…continue reading on Medium…
6 Powerful Strategies To Help You Overcome Fear.

Fear really is the mind killer. It hold us back from our potential on a daily basis. But it doesn’t have to. Or at least, we can get better at fighting it.

Here, Positivity Blog brings us 6 strategies which we can use to change the way we look at our fear. After all, close examination is the one thing that fear can’t withstand:

The fears we have are based in how we think about things. Destructive thought habits can create a lot of fear that is really unnecessary and damaging.

But there are also ways to handle these habits when they pop up and to – over time – replace them with healthier habits.

"The first step towards self knowledge is being able to laugh at yourself."
How To Never Be Angry Again.

A lovely little talk by Abraham Twerski on the subject of anger:

There’s some people who feel guilty for feeling angry…you don’t have a choice! The feeling of anger is not a choice and if you don’t have a choice there’s no reason to feel guilty about it.