How Do We Live Without Meaning?

If life is truly meaningless, is committing suicide the only rational response? Camus’ answer ws an emphatic “No.” There may not be any explanation for our unjust world, but choosing to live regardless, is the deepest expression of out genuine freedom.

Life can seem pretty pointless sometimes. We’re born, we live our lies and we die, all within an infinitesimal sliver of time. Most of us won’t leave much of mark on the world, the world won’t remember our names even a hundred years from now, so what’s the point of it all?

This was the question that troubled many philosophers of the early 20th Century, particularly agains the backdrop of war and sickness that loomed over their lives.

But Albert Camus rejected the conclusion that life was meaningless. In fact, he believed that the very decision to go on living gives life meaning. To illustrate his point, he cites the myth of Sisyphus, the Greek king who was condemned by the Gods to roll a boulder up a hill, before letting it roll back down, repeating the process for all eternity.

Only when we accept the meaninglessness of our lives, can we face the absurd with our heads held high. When Sisyphus chooses to begin his relentless task once more, one must imagine him happy.