Henrik Edberg
10 Less Stressful Ways To Be Productive

Why does work make us stressed? Think about it. Most of the work we need to do is well within our capabilities, we usually have enough time to do it (even if we do procrastinate until the last minute), doing the work will lead us to something we want.

Work stresses us out because we are overwhelmed, not by the work that’s in front of us, but by all the other things that are piling up around us. Stress is more often a problem of focus than a problem of ethnic work itself.

Henrik Edberg at Positivity Blog offers this list of simple tips for being more productive whilst also staying sane in the process, starting with this very Zen approach to focus:

1. Do just one thing at a time.

It will help you to get your task all the way to done, to feel less stressed and confused and you’ll do a better job compared to if you multi-task things.

And if you feel stressed and overwhelmed during your day then you can tell yourself this simple thing to regain focus and inner clarity again.

20 Small Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Speaking of programming, the comfort zone is perhaps the clearest expression of the programs with which we live every day. It’s the internal list of thought, feelings and actions that we’ve decided are safe in a physical and social list.

There’s no problem with the existence of such a list of course. It’s only logical that we’d keep track of the things which had proven to be safe and those which seemed to be dangerous and referred to it when we needed it.

The problem is, there’s a lot of guesswork that goes on. Most of our comfort zone is made up of things which we’re afraid to try rather than things which will actually be bad for us. In fact, many of the things we’re afraid of will be actively good for us, if only we can get out of our own way.

Here, Henrik Edberg of Positivity Blog gives us 20 ways of doing just that. Most of them are small, easy boundary pushes that won’t cause any of us too much stress, but the simple act of doing them can still have a real impact on what we imagine the limits of our comfort zone to be. Go ahead, try something new today.

"Meditation isn’t an escape from life. It’s an encounter with it."
3 Simple Habits for Daily Mindfulness

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that seem the hardest. We’re so caught up with the big, scary urgent tasks that dominate our lives that the smaller, simpler things get lost in the chaos.

But sometimes it’s precisely those smaller things, like taking a moment to take a deep breath, that can make all the difference to the how the rest of our days, and by extension the rest of our lives, pan out.

Here, Henrik Edberg from the Positivity Blog lists 3 ways he reminds himself to stay in the moment. They’re all small, simple things, but sometimes all it takes are a few extra moments of mindfulness to change your experience for the better.