How To Keep Your Head In A Post-Truth World.

In the internet era, there’s no belief that you can’t find support for. Do you believe that aliens are walking among us? This guy has been onto them for years. Are you convinced that the Earth is flat? These people are experts on the subject. Do you think that climate change is real or a hoax? Either way,…continue reading on Medium…
What is the value of news values?

Tony Harcup, author of the new book “What’s The Point Of News?” discusses the ever more pressing need for a shift towards ethical journalism

Chief among the values that ought to guide news reporting is that it should serve the public good by providing people with societally important and useful information, emphasising the social utility of news for an audience comprising not just isolated individuals but (potentially) active citizens. Amid the horror stories and the quirky tales, alongside the sensational and the entertaining, there is an urgent need for what might be thought of as socially enabling and democratically empowering information that strengthens active citizenship by promoting understanding and imaginative empathy.

In these highly politicised times, it’s difficult to overstate the influence journalism has on our perception of events around the world. There has long been the temptation for journalists to skew their reporting towards sensationalism and outrage, but it feels like now more than ever we need to step back from the brink.

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly."
This Video Will Make You Angry.

Whilst sifting through my news feed this morning I was reminded of this gem by CPG Grey on the way the way the media weaponises our emotions in order to get us to share their content.

Just as germs exploit weak points in your immune system, so do thought germs exploit weak points in your brain; aka emotions. Once inside, thought germs that press emotional buttons get their hosts to spread them more – measurably more…

…Awe is pretty good which is why websites that construct thought germs like biological weapons, arm them with titles like “7 Whatever’s That Will Blow Your Mind”, or “The Shocking Secret Behind This…Thing”. But anger is the ultimate edge for a thought germ. Anger bypasses your mental immune system and compels you to share it like nothing else.

Absolutely brilliant.