What’s the most important thing?

Seth Godin on the importance of digging down to the root of a disagreement or dispute.

If someone keeps coming back to an irrelevant, urgent or provocative point instead, they’re signaling that they’d rather not talk about the important thing.

Whether in the business world, a personal relationship, or a moment of self reflection, the tendencies to avoid the elephant in the room. There are always a thousand other things we can quibble about. But we should always be trying to figure out what the most important thing is.

If it’s difficult to talk about, that’s a good sign that we’re getting close.

What Exactly Is A Toxic Person?

I recently read this article entitled “How to Pull Away from Toxic People, and Who to Replace Them With” and my first thought wasn’t “how can I get rid of the toxic people in my life?” but “isn’t it kind of toxic to think about people in terms of who does and doesn’t benefit you?”…continue reading on Medium…
"The essence of meditation practice is to let go of all your expectations about meditation."