The 3 Box Productivity Method

The most important questions you can ask yourself when it comes to being productive are:

  • 1) Am I working on the right things?
  • 2) Am I being unrealistic about how much I can get done?

If you’re failing to achieve our goals, the problem usually lies in one of these two places.

This is the question which the 3 Box Method sets out to help you answer. You write a list of 3-5 priorities for the day, start with number 1, and don’t move on from it until it’s finished. If you aren’t getting through your list, you have to either remove the last item, or re-evaluate the other items on the list.

The beauty of this method is in its simplicity. There are no complex spreadsheets or accountability meetings to worry about. If you can’t complete the items which you have freely defined as priorities, then clearly something has gone wrong. I’ve been using a version of this method for many years now and can honestly say it’s an excellent tool for setting goals and getting them done.

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