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5 Easy Exercises That Will Make You Lose Your Mind.

In the business world there are two kinds of company; vitamin companies, and aspirin companies.

Aspirin companies are easy to market, in fact they hardly need to be marketed at all. People will seek them out because they promise to solve an immediate problem.

Vitamin companies are a little trickier The benefits they offer are ephemeral, their effects take time to accumulate, people need to be convinced of the benefits they offer.

Meditation, if it were a business, would definitely be in the vitamin category. It’s a practice, the benefits of which only become clear after a certain amount of time. For this reason, many consider it to be ineffective at dealing with the more immediate demands of our lives.

But this isn’t necessarily the case. Here, Tiny Buddha offers a few simple mindfulness exercises that can be employed at difficult moments. Some “mindfulness aspirin” if you will. Just don’t forget to keep taking your vitamins…

Why it’s so hard to let others care for you.

It seemed allowing others to care for us is sometimes hard to accept. We may view it as a weakness, imagine we are a burden, or not worthy of such attention; and yet we often have no trouble caring for those in need; and may even go out of our way to do so. We might well ask, why the double standard? We are so often, sooner or later in the same boat.

An impressively comprehensive article on the importance of asking for help, and perhaps more importantly, accepting it when it’s given. We’ll all be in this position sooner or later, and how we deal with it can be literally life-changing.