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How To Be More Patient.

The first step towards being more patient is recognising that impatience is perfectly understandable. I mean yes, impatience is an irrational response to our over-inflated expectations of instant gratification. But it’s also a perfectly reasonable reaction to the fact that you’re going to die at some point in the future, and you have no idea…continue reading on Medium…
How To Strengthen Your Willpower.

How many of your problems would be solved if you just had more willpower? You’d have the body of your dreams, you’d finish that project you’ve been putting off for years, you’d spend far less time watching cat videos. Willpower is the most essential tool there is in achieving any of our goals

Here, Art of Manliness bings us some tips for strengthening our willpower. Like most things, willpower is a tool that is strengthened by using it. So get ready to put he ice-cream back in the freezer.

While there are many ways to conserve your willpower, there’s really just one way to strengthen it.

By working on any goal or habit that exercises your self-control.

Remember when we talked about how willpower is like a muscle, and that just like a muscle, you have to exhaust it in the short-term in order to build its strength in the long-term? When you work to change a habit, you deplete your willpower in the struggle, but over time, the strength of your willpower muscle increases from these exercises, making you better able to take on future tasks.

"The greatest enemy of knowledge isn’t ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge."

How to spend less time being angry.

Think about the last time you got mad at somebody. Recall what you said, and what they said, and what you should have said when they said that. Now try to remember what you were thinking. Not feeling. Thinking. I’m betting that it was more or less a blank. This isn’t a coincidence. The emotional…continue reading on Medium…
Why Self-Discipline Is So Hard.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your brain was more willing to work with you? You know what you should be doing, you know the reasons why you shouldn’t sit around all day eating ice cream and watching cat videos on Youtube, but when it comes down to it, which one sounds more appealing?

It turns out that the problem isn’t just on our heads, but in our environment. as Freedom In Thought explains:

Self discipline is much more of an environmental issue that it is an individual one. While an individual can change their beliefs and behaviour through education, the resources available for education are presented by the environment. Furthermore, the habits an individual builds to meet their desires are, in large part, a product of what’s available in the environment.

At a basic level, this is the logic behind removing ice cream and cakes from your house if you’re trying to lose weight, or turning g off your phone if you want to concentrate on your work. Willpower is important, and we can all do with building our reserves of it, but it never hurts to manipulate our environment into boosting our chances of sticking to our goals.

How to live happily every after with yourself.

You’ll never have a relationship more intimate than the one you have with yourself. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be good. As fashionable as it is to preach about the importance of loving oneself, most people are engaged in a pale imitation of self-love. A love where they don’t hold themselves accountable,…continue reading on Medium…

You matter less than you think.

It’s really difficult to shake the habit of believing that you matter. Half the time you don’t even realise that you’re doing it. And even when you do, it’s so compelling to just go with it. Pretty much every aspect of the experience of being you is perfectly set up to convince you that you’re…continue reading on Medium…

A Note To Myself.

There are very few things that I know for certain, but one of them is that you worry more than you should. The world is less frightening than you’re making it out to be. In fact, it’s only as scary as you allow it to be in your head. I’m not going to patronise you…continue reading on Medium…